Located near the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Danakil Depression.(Photo/Europlanet/Felipe Gomez)

The temperature during the day hovers around 107 degrees Fahrenheit, even in early spring. It's dry, and sulfur and chlorine cloud the air, burning the lungs of people unfortunate enough to be close to the boiling hot springs, roiling with salt, and heated by magma deep in the Earth. Welcome to the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

SpaceX - Image/LifeScience

After some frustrating postponements over the past week and a half - including a last-second abort on Sunday - the company's Falcon rocket left its Florida pad right on cue on Friday.

Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization,announce the global emergency during a news conference in Geneva February 1, 2016.(Photo/AP)

The World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the explosive spread of the Zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects in the Americas, calling it an "extraordinary event" that poses a public health threat to other parts of the world.

French President Francois Hollande (R) shakes hands with UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon next to French Foreign Minister and COP21 president Laurent Fabius in the final session of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris on December 12, 2015 (Photo/AFP/Philippe Wojazer)

A 195-nation wrangle that ended Saturday with a historic Paris pact to curb global warming had to be the anti-Copenhagen: as flawlessly organised as the 2009 summit was chaotic, as much a success as the other was a traumatising blow for climate diplomacy.

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