Map of how often Americans search on Google for each country of the world (Image - Google Trends)

What countries do Americans care the most about? When talking about Western bias in the news media, or the short attention span paid to global disasters, some people imply that the media is ignoring the American public’s global interests.

What began as minor squabbles over in-flight beverages ultimately led to the breakup of a once promising and international partnership. (Photo: wikipedia)

British colonialists would travel from the countryside to watch planes take off in Nairobi. Back in 1945, the then-British territory and Colonial Office had set up the East African Airways Corp. with a budget of just 50,000 pounds. Flight technology was new and exciting — an elite toy operated by the colonial overlords of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika, now Tanzania.

South Sudan Soldier. (Photo/Foreign Policy)

More than half a dozen cease-fires had been brokered and broken before opposition forces finally returned to the capital in late December as part of a deal to end South Sudan’s bloody two-year civil war. None of the previous negotiations had gotten this far.

Freedom House’s index of freedom in the world is flawed — but the story it tells is indispensable. (Image: Freedom House)

It’s January, which means we’ve just learned that freedom around the world is declining. This — for the tenth year in a row — is the conclusion of an annual report released earlier this week by Freedom House, the venerable human rights and democracy organization.

Natural resources play a role in nearly half of the world's conflicts. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images - GLENNA GORDON)

It has been more than a decade since warring parties signed a deal to end Liberia’s bloody conflict. Fueled by the pillaging of the country’s rich natural resources — diamonds, gold, iron, and timber — the two civil wars that raged across 14 years left more than 250,000 people dead and displaced more than 1 million others.

An open-air uranium mine at facility run by Areva, in Arlit, Niger. (REUTERS/JOE PENNEY)

How Everybody Holds the Continent Back. Discussions about the fate of Africa have long had a cyclical quality.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame | Stop Disrespecting Africans

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