Freedom House’s index of freedom in the world is flawed — but the story it tells is indispensable. (Image: Freedom House) It’s January, which means we’ve just learned that freedom around the world is declining. This — for the tenth year in a row —.... .

Natural resources play a role in nearly half of the world's conflicts. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images - GLENNA GORDON) It has been more than a decade since warring parties signed a deal to end Liberia’s bloody conflict. Fueled by the pillaging of the.... .

An open-air uranium mine at facility run by Areva, in Arlit, Niger. (REUTERS/JOE PENNEY) How Everybody Holds the Continent Back. Discussions about the fate of Africa have long had a cyclical quality. .... .

Offshore Oil Rig. Image-The National Interest Last month, Soma Oil and Gas, a London based energy company, searching for hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Somalia, announced t.... .
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