The African Post (TAP) vision commenced in 2001 by acquiring the domain name and launching in 2008 to provide news, opinions, advertisements, and analyses about Africa's narratives that influence Africans' economic and political affairs.

The primary purpose of TAP is to cover the gap caused by the inadequacy of the existing news media and to make the primary platform for African-related news and objective reference. In doing so, TAP is setting out to be the go-to source for objective news and a highly desirable advertising and financial information venue for the continent.

The website - is in the development phase and aggregates articles by fully crediting the source. The goal is to advance The African Post to become the leading multimedia platform that will give visitors a unifying forum to view and reference African issues from an African perspective. Moreover, TAP intends to aggregate statistical data, objective opinion, a highly desirable marketing venue for African economic collaboration, and be the go-to source for reliable information for multinational companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

The African Post's noble effort warrants measurable support to permit creativity to merge and advance its grand mission to flourish.

The journey continues.

Thank you.